Thematic Areas

The contributions, centered on the digital cultures and the crossing of knowledge via the digital networks will be proposed on the following themes:

  1. Exchange and transfer of knowledge, distance education, e-learning, e-publication, MOOCs
  2. Networking, video games, serious games and robotics
  3. Information systems and changing the role of user experience, crowdsourcing
  4. Societal developments and collective intelligence
  5. New editorial models and new media
  6. Commitment, eco-citizenship, sustainable development
  7. Democratization of spaces of expression, media and social networks
  8. Digital identities, user experience and ergonomics
  9. Internet of objects, augmented reality, augmented man
  10. Outsourcing resources, cloud computing
  11. Opening of information spaces, open data, open archives
  12. ICT, interculturality and political debate
  13. Communication and learning through assistive technology