Main theme


This 13th edition of the EUTIC colloquium will raise the question of intersections, crossings and interconnections favored by the development of ICT uses.

Digital technologies help connect people and systems and optimize access to information and communication resources by significantly reducing time and space constraints.

Thus, we will question the role of ICTs, in particular as regards their potential for openness, collaboration and decompartmentalize areas and territories of all kinds. Bridges between cultures and worlds, they are multidimensional. Their impacts are profound and diverse (economic, social, political, environmental, cultural and educational) and at multiple levels (local / national / international). How do they contribute to development dynamics not only in economic terms, but also in the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of knowledge?

The development of networks has led to a profound disruption with traditional patterns based on unidirectional flows of information. From now on, interactions, cross-cutting exchanges, and blogs, wiki forums and social networks multiply and their uses spread. It is no longer possible, whatever the field concerned, to disregard users, recipients, field workers and citizens. These movements of collective intelligence, which play a major role in co - creation, co - construction of devices and actions, have the effect of generating a rise in the responsibility of each individual. This promotes pluralism and tolerance in the face of the complex social and political situations we are experiencing today.