Submission of Papers

  • Presentations - Contributions should be sent in the form of slides (LCD display) in PDF (Autodesk), or Powerpoint (Microsoft), or Keynote (Apple), or Prezi or Impress (free software). There will be at most 5 slides: a slide with the synthesis of all the work (can be only graphic, only text or mixed) and, at the most, four more slides (optional the school of the authors) with more detailed illustrations, highlighting the main contributions Scientific research.
    See presentation template soon.
  • Articles - Poster proposals or sessions will be in English, French or Portuguese (title, 5 keywords, 2 proposal pages, bibliography). Indicate the topic you want to address.
    See article template soon.
    • First page - Designation of intervention; Identification of the author, university name, organization, institution, company or business, position, function or position, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number and WhatsApp or Telegram.
    • Second page - Title of the intervention, 5 keywords, summary of 5000 to 6000 characters that present the theme of the contribution, methodological framework, data analyzed and expected or obtained results.

      Here is the abstract submission template.
      Forward your abstract to the e-mail:

  • Revisions - Selected proposals will be subject to modifications or revisions requested by the Scientific Committee.
  • On paper and digital media - All contributions submitted will be published in the annals of the colloquium, in paper and in digital format, if the author or one of the authors is registered and is present at the colloquium.
  • Size of text/article - The final text, with possible illustrations or tables, will not exceed 30,000 characters (without spaces) + 2 bibliography pages. The style sheet can be downloaded from the site.

Here is the full paper submission template.